Role Model: Payson Keeler from Make it Or Break it

Name: Payson Keeler

Status: Fictional Character from ABC Family show Make it Or Break It

Occupation: Training to become an Olympic gymnast


Why Payson Keeler is special: Payson is special because she is so dedicated and passionate about her sport.  In the first season, she is the top gymnast due to all of her hard training, but then she suffers a life-changing injury.  We watch Payson defy the odds and climb her way back up to the top, despite what anyone believes.

Why I look up to Payson Keeler: Her work ethic is amazing.  She won’t stop until she reaches her goal and she always gives her whole effort.  Payson also is an awkward teenager (very much like myself).  Even, being a top gymnast, she has body issues and troubles with boys.  It is nice to have a TV character so relatable.  Payson is a good teammate and friend, too.

Lessons to Learn from Payson: Give it your all, don’t stop until you’ve reached your goals, dream big, and believe in yourself – I like to apply some of these things that I’ve learned from Payson to when I play volleyball.  Whenever I get really tired, I just think to myself: Would Payson quit?  I think it’s a great motivator.


Role Model Profile: Kaitlyn Jenkins

Name: Kaitlyn Jenkins
Born: April 11, 1992
Occupation: Actress
Best Known For: Starring as Boo Jordan in Bunheads

Why Kaitlyn Jenkins is special: She is a dancer who doesn’t let her “non-typical” ballet body define her. She proves with determination and passion, that anything is possible. She played Boo Jordan on Bunheads who displayed the same message.

Why I look up to Kaitlyn Jenkins: She is beautiful, passionate, determined, friendly, and a good person. She is a good role model and isn’t one of those celebs who are into drugs, alcohol, and partying. Kaitlyn is still a typical girl who loves dance and acting. Kaitlyn is very responsive and appreciative to her fans.

Lessons to Learn from Kaitlyn: Stand up for what you believe in, don’t back down, be grateful and appreciative.

Watch Bunheads and check out some of Kaitlyn’s Youtube Videos and her Instagram!
Youtube: Kaitlyn Jenkins
Instagram: kaitlynjenkins8


(P.S. We are birthday twins! I was born on April 11 as well!)

Kaitlyn Jenkins

Why I Love Bunheads So Much

Bunheads, an ABC Family show, was cancelled last year, but to this day is ranked as my all-time favourite TV series. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched the series (it would be shocking if I actually knew the real number!). It is a show about a Vegas show girl named Michelle who ends up marrying a man named Hubble on a whim and moving to the town of Paradise to live with him…and his mother, Fanny. When Hubble dies in a car accident, Fanny and Michelle have to figure out what to do next. Fanny also owns a ballet studio. The show is filled with ups and downs, laughs and tears. I completely adore it. Here are some reasons why:

1) Dancing – very unique, beautiful, and fun. I especially love the dance for Fanny and the lyrical one focusing around Sasha

2) It’s fast – The dialogue keeps your attention because it’s so fast!

3) It’s funny – Amy Sherman-Palladino’s writing is hilarious. It’s very witty and pop-culture-y, which I love!

4) The characters – There is not one character who isn’t perfectly realistic and thought out. There is something unique and special about every one (and the main six characters are all my role models!)

5) The actors – They were all unknown to me at first. Now I love and look up to each one as themselves and not just their characters. Plus, Sutton Foster is just amazing!

6) It’s realistic – Nothing crazy really happens (like magic or murders). Instead, it’s all about real life experiences and problems and stuff like growing up. It is not boring at all and is actually very refreshing and different from every other TV show I’ve seen.

7) Watching the characters grow – It’s nice being my age and watching a show where people really do grow up and mature and change their lives (even at Michelle and Fanny’s age, ha ha).

Bunheads will never get old for me and I think it will always be as comforting and wonderful to me as when I watched it the first time. Even though it was cancelled last year. I am thankful for 18 incredible episodes. Please watch it. I know you won’t be disappointed!


Why I’m so Sad that The Carrie Diaries was Cancelled

For though of you who don’t know, The Carrie Diaries has been cancelled. Possibly one of my favourite tv shows of all time has been destroyed after only two seasons. Here are some of the things I am going to miss about TCD.

1) Carrie – I feel like she is one character on TV I can connect with. Especially in the early first season. She’s just discovering the world and has so many darn thoughts in her head at all time! Plus, her wardrobe is to die for. Plus she is played by one of my biggest role models, Annasophia Robb.

2) The 80-ness – Probably my favourite parts. The clothes, the music, the furniture and cute quirks like their phones! I love the music so much. It just puts me in a TCD mood.

3) Sebastian Kydd – Have you seen his hair? Enough said.

4) Dorrit and Mouse – I love Dorrit. She is so rebellious and hilarious, but such a teddy bear inside. And Mouse is just awesome. She shows girls that being smart can get you guys and doesn’t intimidate the good ones.

5) The cheesy but completely relatable and heartfelt morals at the end of each episode

Did you watch TCD? What are you going to miss?

Dancing with the Stars Season Finale

I have absolutely loved this season. All of my favourite (minus Charlie White) are in the finals! Here’s my thoughts on each contender!

1. Meryl and Maks – Ohmygosh, can these two get together? I find Maks quite unlikeable and can’t get a hold of his temper, but as soon as he and Meryl connect, my heart absolutely melts. She was right, Maks is a total teddy bear! Meryl was so amazing at the Olympics, and she is such a sweet, genuine person and I think I speak for the rest of the world, when I say I’ve fallen in love with her! I think Meryl could definitely walk away with the win.
P.S Her and Maks tango and freestyle last night?! -insert swoon here-

2. Amy and Derek – First of all, let me just say how much I adore Derek. I’ve had a major crush on him for the past four years! Derek aside, Amy is such an inspiration. I’ve loved learning about her story and experiencing her journey throughout the show. Not only is she inspiring, but she is an incredible dancer! She and Derek have been dynamite together. Good luck tonight Amy!

3. Candace and Mark – Another one of my favourite pro dancers. Mark is a ball of sunshine! Him and Candace are possibly the most perfect partnership ever. Candace is such a great role model. She is so dedicated to her family, faith, and being true to herself. I loved her in Full House and as Summer on Make it or Break it. I don’t think she is as good as a dancer as Meryl and Amy, but I think she has made the most progress. I have loved meeting her family on the show and seeing her journey. So proud!

Can’t wait to see the final results! I won’t be upset no matter what happens. I love it when this happens!