Movie Review: Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight

I know I’m probably too old to still be involved with American Girl, but though I don’t play with my old Emily doll anymore, I still love the movies.  They give off good messages and always make me feel happy once I’m done watching them.

Last night I watched the new AG movie, Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight.  I love dance and so I was really looking forward to it.  I really enjoyed this movie.  Some bits, like most American Girl movies, are pretty cheesy, but it was totally relatable.  I always compare myself to other girls and dancers and think they have it easy because they are really pretty and flawless.  It was cool to see that Isabelle went through that too and how she handled it.  It was nice seeing Jade and Renadda let their “perfect” walls down so we could really see who they were. 

This is a great movie for today’s society where we all strive to be perfect.  It lets girls know that making mistakes is not a bad thing, it’s what makes us who we are.  

I’m going to summer camp in a couple of weeks, and I’ve been thinking lately how everyone is so good at something, and I just feel so mediocre and boring compared to everyone else there.  This movie is helping me realize that everyone shines in their own way, and that I should recognize my talents and focus on them.  It might not be dancing, but maybe it’s something like staying calm in tough situations. 

I loved the ballerina, Jackie Sanchez, too.  She was such a great role model for Isabelle and Jade. She really did care about Isabelle’s problems.  I think that it’s very important for everyone who has someone to lift their spirits and make them feel like they are worth it.  I also think it’s important to be this kind of role model for someone else.

This is a great movie about self confidence, growing up, family, and friendship.  Definitely check it out!

Why I Love The Hunger Games

I recently just reread a The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  It has made me fall in love all over again.  Here are some of the main reasons why I love THG.

1) Katniss – such a great female heroine, is a very realistic character who is determined, passionate, strong…but has weaknesses like everyone else

2) Peeta – so sweet, protective, and sensitive; who doesn’t want their own Peeta?

3) Action – it is very fast paced and exciting.  It isn’t too dragged out and is easy to follow along

4) Excitement of the Games – as harsh as it is, it’s super intense and intriguing to read about

5) Short and sweet – Maybe the book is a decent length, but nothing is dragged out.  Suzanne Collins gets to the point

6) Touching moments – Katniss singing to Rue; Peeta taking on Cato for Katniss; even Haymitch’s mentoring all make the book hit your soft spot and make you feel touched and inspired

Sometimes I wis…

Sometimes I wish I was a star
Blinking brightly from afar
Looking down on everything
Thinking of the light I bring

Sometimes I dream I was a fish
Swimming everywhere I wish
Moving smoothly through the world
But I’m always glad to be a girl

I look up to the stars at night
I know that everything’s alright
I can be anything I want

When I grow up I’ll chase my dreams
I’ll change them to reality
Who knows the things I could achieve

If I can just always believe in me keeping the faith think of the things we’ll see
If I can just
If I can just
Always believe in me
Always believe in me

Always Believe in Me – Saige Paints the Sky

I think this is such a cute song with a great meaning. The title inspired my blog.