My Week in Alberta: Nature at Its Finest

I just spent a week in the mountains in Alberta on a quading trip with my cousins and aunt and uncle. I went last year with them, too. We stay with my uncle’s old friend in his little log cabin in the middle of nowhere! He is a goat farmer and has around twenty goats roaming around. There is no Internet or phone service, either. We went quading in the mountains almost every day and I even got to see my first rodeo!
I feel bad for those who don’t get to experience nature in its finest. Concrete and skyscrapers just don’t cut it. We went on trails that probably no one had ever been on before. We were discovering things for the very first time.
I think that nature is very good for the body, mind, and soul. It can destress you and leave you feeling very calm and refreshed. I was feeling very overwhelmed before I went because I’ve been working a lot and was left feeling exhausted. As soon as I got a view of the mountains and smelled the crisp, fresh air, my worries went away. I think that nature has this affect on people because it’s so simple. There aren’t any complicated wiring on a tree; your mind isn’t focused on a new reality show; it doesn’t smell like a mixture of sweat and fast food (haha, thank goodness). Nature lets your mind wander and be free, which is one of my favourite parts about being in the Alberta rockies.
Nature also allows you to experience new, exciting things (much more exciting than going up a level in your new app). I got to cuddle with a baby goat, swim in a river (which was ridiculously cold, btw!), get stuck multiple times while quadding, see some amazing views, and we even got the chance to see some wild horses!
I think that everyone needs to take some time in their life to spend it in the outdoors. I mean, the real outdoors. Not just your fenced in backyard. Go hiking or have a picnic by a river or pond.
Taking in all of nature’s beauty also had a different affect on me. Get hands on experience really makes you want to save nature and the forests. We got to view a few areas that had been clear-cutted. It’s not very impressive or nice. It gives you a new respect for the earth and how important it is.
I implore you all to go spend some time outside and away from technology!

Tips on being Fit and Healthy!

Summer is here and these past couple of months I have been really interested and trying to get healthy and fit.  I’m not looking to lose weight or try crazy diets, I just want to live a healthier lifestyle and be more active.  Here are some tips!

1) Drink lots of water – bring a bottle everywhere you go (I am bad at this step but trying! And my water bottle is right beside me today!)

2) Eat healthy snacks – be creative!  This doesn’t mean that you have to completely ditch junk food, but try and stick with the 80/20 rule.  80% of your day’s food should be healthy, while 20% can be whatever you like.

3)  Do exercises daily – they don’t have to long or hard – just do something!  Set up a routine.  I especially like doing workout/activities in the morning and at night.

4) Try new activities – change up your routine and you might discover something new and fun!  Being fit and healthy isn’t about making everything strict and no fun.  Try yoga, swimming, zumba, or rock climbing for a change!

5) Get motivated and inspired – I follow tons of Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts.  One of my favourite websites is by Shawn Johnson.  Check out!

6) Find a workout buddy – it keeps it more fun.  It could be your mom, friend, or, my favourite, your dog!


My favourite ways to exercise:

– swimming

– volleyball

– walking

– bike rides

– trampolining (is that a word? haha)

– dancing

-ice skating

– frisbee


My favourite healthy snacks:

-trail mix (unsalted)

– homemade muffins

– peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole grain bread

– yogurt parfait (to find out more about my favourite click HERE)

– apricots

– cereal (not sugary) with fruit

– bananas

– snap peas

– cherry tomatoes

– baby carrots

– frozen yogurt

– applesauce (unsweetened)

– berries

– apples


What do you do to be healthy?


My Goals for Summer

I just out of school and one of my favourite things to do is to write down the things I want to accomplish for summer. I’ve done this past years and think that it’s really fun and helpful. If you write something down I find it is so much easier to follow through with it.

1) Stretch, stretch, stretch! – I want to have a good over split in both sides, get my middle splits, and have a good scorpion by the time dance starts again in September.

2) Make money – At the moment I do not have a summer job so I will probably end up working on the farm for my dad. I really want to make money this year and work hard to get it.

3) Spend time with family – I hope to make some new memories and I want to take my little cousin swimming a few days.

4) Be more grateful – I want to look at the bigger picture and be more thankful for what I had and get to do.

5) Read

6) Be responsible and trustworthy – This is referring to any parties I may or may not go to. I want my parents to know that they can trust me and I won’t abuse their trust.

7) Try something new – This could be a yoga class or biking to town or just getting out of my comfort zone

8) Make the most out of my time – I don’t want to spend the whole summer inside watching tv. I want to make memories!

9) Slap on the sunscreen – No burns for me

10) Be more considerate – I want to be friendlier and listen more and be more approachable.

11) Be healthy – I want to go for runs, swim for endurance, ride my bike, you name it! I also want to eat very healthy!

What are your goals for the summer?