What to do When I Feel Insecure

1. Prioritize – Realize insecurities are not the end of the world (good way to do this is to watch the news and realize what is going on in the world)

2. Do something special for myself

3. Exercise 

4. Try something new (ex: hairstyle, food, book, etc.)

5. Watch a feel good movie

6. Talk to someone

7. Play piano

8. Eat something delicious

9. Think of things I am thankful for

10. Do something nice for someone else

11. Clean

12. Let it out

13. Wear comfy clothes

14. Wear my favourite outfit

15. Sleep

16. Have a fresh start

17. Come up with a mantra

18. Think of my role models

19. Do something fun

20. Learn to love myself


Movie Review: Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight

I know I’m probably too old to still be involved with American Girl, but though I don’t play with my old Emily doll anymore, I still love the movies.  They give off good messages and always make me feel happy once I’m done watching them.

Last night I watched the new AG movie, Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight.  I love dance and so I was really looking forward to it.  I really enjoyed this movie.  Some bits, like most American Girl movies, are pretty cheesy, but it was totally relatable.  I always compare myself to other girls and dancers and think they have it easy because they are really pretty and flawless.  It was cool to see that Isabelle went through that too and how she handled it.  It was nice seeing Jade and Renadda let their “perfect” walls down so we could really see who they were. 

This is a great movie for today’s society where we all strive to be perfect.  It lets girls know that making mistakes is not a bad thing, it’s what makes us who we are.  

I’m going to summer camp in a couple of weeks, and I’ve been thinking lately how everyone is so good at something, and I just feel so mediocre and boring compared to everyone else there.  This movie is helping me realize that everyone shines in their own way, and that I should recognize my talents and focus on them.  It might not be dancing, but maybe it’s something like staying calm in tough situations. 

I loved the ballerina, Jackie Sanchez, too.  She was such a great role model for Isabelle and Jade. She really did care about Isabelle’s problems.  I think that it’s very important for everyone who has someone to lift their spirits and make them feel like they are worth it.  I also think it’s important to be this kind of role model for someone else.

This is a great movie about self confidence, growing up, family, and friendship.  Definitely check it out!

Gossip and Rumours

I just finished read Beacon street Girls 10 Just Kidding and it made me think a lot about rumours and gossiping and teasing.
I am one who believes we can’t ‘bubble wrap’ ourselves from any harm or danger and that we have to go through challenges in order to grow.
That being said, we should also be learning how to be better, greater people.
One thing that I think makes a great person, is being kind. People who gossip and choose to talk about other people private lives aren’t being kind.
We’ve all gossiped before. I have. It is sort of fun and interesting and sometimes it’s all you have to talk about. What’s bad is when it turns negative and you start spreading it around. The truth can get twisted and can really hurt people.
What also hurts is making mean comments and then adding ‘just kidding’ to the end. Of course friends will always tease, but some comments can really bring people down and if you don’t laugh it off, then people assume you have no humour.
I have one really good friend who I like to tease a lot. I never meant any of it, but I sort of knew that she didn’t find it funny any more. One day she told me that she was sad because of the mean comments we hadn’t even really realized we’d been making. We felt really bad an apologized and stopped. We still tease one another, but we’ve learned to bring it down a notch so it’s not hurtful.
I like to think that people who actively gossip and spread rumours must have very boring lives if they have to spend time talking about others.
Always remember if you are being gossiped and having rumours spread about you, that you should remember who you are. Rumours don’t define you. If it’s a close friend talking about you, confront them instead of talking behind their back. If it is someone who barely know, who cares? They don’t know you enough to know the truth.
If you are gossiping or with a group of friends, try to stop. Change subjects or just stay quiet. Think how you would like to be treated.
You can either choose to be a better person or sink down to others levels.

Book Review: Lucky Charm by Annie Bryant

This is the eighth book in the BSG series. It isn’t one of my favourites, but I still enjoy reading it. In this book, Marty, the BSG’s dog goes missing. It causes a lot of tension between the friends and to top it off, Katani and Kelley’s new riding lessons might have to get closed down unless they can raise 10,000 dollars. Will the girls manage a way to manage all of this while still being friends? And what happens when a celebrity baseball player enters the mix?
This book really shows what happens when people don’t share the same views. It can cause tension and make things difficult. What the BSG later show, is that in order to get anything done, you have to work together, even if you don’t all want the same thing. It also shows that things have a way of working out in the end.
If you ever disagree with your friend (which is bound to happen – it’s natural!), instead of getting mad and shutting her out, why not try to see both sides of the story and work things out together. A disagreement is no reason to end a friendship!
Lucky Charm also talks about, well, lucky charms and superstitions. Do you believe in lucky charms? If so, do you have any.
I don’t think I believe in them, but I think it’s sort of fun to have a ritual or something special. It’s comforting.



Chances are, you’ve probably gotten hit by the green-eyed monster some time in your life.  You’ve been jealous over how someone looks, their athleticism, their smarts…the list could go on forever.

I’ve been there, and still go there.  It’s hard to realize what amazing things you have when all you do is compare yourself to others.  Jealousy has the opposite affect that you want it to have.

Recently, I was jealous of my friend for a bit.  She’s very pretty, nice, smart, athletic, and is really good at meeting new people.  I’m a little more shy and awkward in new situations.  I began comparing everything I had to her.  The number of Instagram followers, likes on a picture, grades, awards…creepy, huh?  The thing that really gets me now, is that I would acknowledge the things I excelled at, too, and would just skip over them, like they didn’t count.  I was thinking that I had to be better or the same to her in every single category that she was good at.  I wasn’t taking time to realize that we will always be different.  We aren’t supposed to be or want to be exact molds of anyone.  So why was I so obsessed and jealous?

I was watching a video (think it was by Bubzbeauty, but I’m not sure) about jealousy on Youtube, because I wanted to hear someone else’s point of view.  At the end, I think I had really understood that I am supposed to be different, and that’s not a bad thing.

I can draw okay.   I am good at school.  I think I am a good role model to my younger cousins.  I’m a good team player in volleyball.  I like playing piano.  I like blogging.  I like reading.

All of these things define me and make me different.  No one else will ever be like me and I will never be exactly like anyone else.

So I think the key to getting over jealousy, is really think about what you are good at and appreciate that you are different.  Don’t just think grades or after school activities – dig deeper.  Life isn’t a competition.  Just do your best and do what you love.

Book Review: Freaked Out by Annie Bryant

I just finished Freaked Out by Annie Bryant. It is the seventh installment in the beacon street Girls series. This book is great because it deals with topics like exclusion, choices, and struggling with school.
In this book, Maeve is fearing out about her math grades and Avery doesn’t get invited to the party of the year…which may be more interesting than anyone thought it would be. It’s really good and I totally recommend it to anyone.
Freaked Out talks about underaged drinking. I am not really a drinker, and have only had a quarter of a beer before. It brings up how dangerous it can be and how the side affects really aren’t that cool. It’s a good reminder to stay safe and in the back of the books it brings up some information about drinking.
It also discusses choices. This can be the underaged drinking or even just how you handle situations.
I really like this book because it talks about exclusion. I’ve been hit with that one quite a few times so it’s nice to see how Avery handles it. I think that with exclusion, you can either be incredibly sad about it (which is easy to do), or you can make the best of it and have a really incredible day. And, in ten years, are you really going to care which parties you didn’t get invited to?
You should totally read this!



Friendship is important because…

you can have someone to laugh with…

to cry with…

to trust with all of your thoughts…

to tell you the truth even if it’s difficult…

it’s someone that you can feel safe and accepted around…

someone who will be loyal and stand up for you…

who doesn’t want you to be different or anything less than yourself…

it makes it so you are never lonely…

Friendship only works if you can give all of these things back to someone else.


Book Review: Promises, Promises by Annie Bryant and My Advice on Friend Fights

Our school just had our elections for next years student council. I ran for social director and thankfully got it! I am really excited and we have a great bunch working on it this year.
I liked reading this book at this time because in the book they have their school elections too. This is the 5th book in the Beacon Street a Girls series. Katani and Avery both decide to run for president…which may not have been a good idea at all. Will they ruin their friendship forever? Or will they realize what’s really important?
This BSG book really talks about being stuck in the middle of fights. This happened to me earlier this year when most of the girls on my volleyball team would cut another girl down. She was my friend, too. I tried my very best to stay neutral and be a friend to both sides without saying or even agreeing with anything they were saying about the others. I think it worked well really just being neutral. Once my friends got the memo I wasn’t participating in any drama, they would stop gossiping to me and I could be friends with all the girls. That being said, if your friends are really being mean to each other and make you choose sides, then maybe they aren’t really your friends at all.
If you are ever stuck in a tricky friend situation, give it at least 24 hours before confronting the problem. Sometimes when you are angry, in the heat of the moment, it’s not the best time to try and reason with your friends. You could both say things you don’t mean. Give it 24 hours for you both to cool down and realize what you should do.
Please read this book! You won’t be sorry!


I’m Only Human

I love this song by Christina Perri. It makes me feel good about myself and my imperfections and reminds us that we all have flaws.


Finding Happiness

I’ve recently been wondering a lot about what it means to truly be ‘happy’ and how to be it everyday!

I’m actually quite a happy person, but I know there are so many ways to improve our happiness and stop the unnecessary negativity in our lives.

Check out this video below.  I love Bubzbeauty and her videos are always so refreshing and inspirational!

Take a look at her website HERE!