Book Review: Freaked Out by Annie Bryant

I just finished Freaked Out by Annie Bryant. It is the seventh installment in the beacon street Girls series. This book is great because it deals with topics like exclusion, choices, and struggling with school.
In this book, Maeve is fearing out about her math grades and Avery doesn’t get invited to the party of the year…which may be more interesting than anyone thought it would be. It’s really good and I totally recommend it to anyone.
Freaked Out talks about underaged drinking. I am not really a drinker, and have only had a quarter of a beer before. It brings up how dangerous it can be and how the side affects really aren’t that cool. It’s a good reminder to stay safe and in the back of the books it brings up some information about drinking.
It also discusses choices. This can be the underaged drinking or even just how you handle situations.
I really like this book because it talks about exclusion. I’ve been hit with that one quite a few times so it’s nice to see how Avery handles it. I think that with exclusion, you can either be incredibly sad about it (which is easy to do), or you can make the best of it and have a really incredible day. And, in ten years, are you really going to care which parties you didn’t get invited to?
You should totally read this!



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