My Goals for Summer

I just out of school and one of my favourite things to do is to write down the things I want to accomplish for summer. I’ve done this past years and think that it’s really fun and helpful. If you write something down I find it is so much easier to follow through with it.

1) Stretch, stretch, stretch! – I want to have a good over split in both sides, get my middle splits, and have a good scorpion by the time dance starts again in September.

2) Make money – At the moment I do not have a summer job so I will probably end up working on the farm for my dad. I really want to make money this year and work hard to get it.

3) Spend time with family – I hope to make some new memories and I want to take my little cousin swimming a few days.

4) Be more grateful – I want to look at the bigger picture and be more thankful for what I had and get to do.

5) Read

6) Be responsible and trustworthy – This is referring to any parties I may or may not go to. I want my parents to know that they can trust me and I won’t abuse their trust.

7) Try something new – This could be a yoga class or biking to town or just getting out of my comfort zone

8) Make the most out of my time – I don’t want to spend the whole summer inside watching tv. I want to make memories!

9) Slap on the sunscreen – No burns for me

10) Be more considerate – I want to be friendlier and listen more and be more approachable.

11) Be healthy – I want to go for runs, swim for endurance, ride my bike, you name it! I also want to eat very healthy!

What are your goals for the summer?


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