Book Review: Lake Rescue by Annie Bryant and Self Confidence

I am really proud that i have been reading so much lately. Last year I hardly read at all.
Lake Rescue is the 6th Beacon Street Girls book. The girls and their class all go on a four day field trip to Lake Rescue where they will learn about the outdoors and maybe some new things about themselves and each other.
I think my favourite thing about this book is a new character named Chelsea Briggs. She is overweight and tends to get teased a lot. At Lake Rescue, with the help of her counsels Jody, she learns that being healthy doesn’t have to be a nuisance. She can have fun and discover new things about herself. Chelsea gets more self confidence and her classmates really start to enjoy her company and get to know her.
I have been trying to get healthier lately and this book is great for that. It also highlights spending time outdoors and how it can be such a positive experience. I got to camp in August and am so excited! This will be my fifth and final year because next year I’ll be too old.
Lake Rescue also shows the girls being able to accomplish way more than they thought they ever could. Sometimes you just need a little confidence boost and try to get out of your comfort zone and you’ll really surprise yourself.
Read this book!



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