How to Calm Down

Calming down is useful in all sorts of situations. Maybe you are about to get extremely mad or burst out crying. Maybe you’re just too loud or hyper. Learning to calm down requires a great amount of self control. Here are some ways I try to calm down:

1) If possibly, leave the situation for a few minutes. Go to the washroom for example just for some easy and quick alone time. This can help give you a clear mind to focus.

2) Take deep breathes and focus on them. It will really help calm you down and focusing on them can give you something else to concentrate on, besides what is stressing you out.

3) Put it in perspective – so you’re best friend is dating your ex, or you overslept 15 minutes and are going to be late for first class! Is it really worth stressing over?

4) Have a mantra. It’s sort up fun coming up with your own and I find it really helps. It could be an inspirational quote, song, or, if you are like me, just listing off your role models and asking yourself “What would they do?”. I like to repeat this in my head, or even say it out loud if I’m in an appropriate situation. (I like to repeat “Shawn Johnson, Audrey Hepburn, Gabby Douglas, Misty Copeland, Bubzbeauty, and then list off the entire cast of Bunheads!”)

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