Last Few Days of School…and How to Survive Them

I’m down to my last couple of weeks of school, and while the excitement that you’re almost done and summers around the corner is here, so is the brutally exhausting week of studying and final exams.  With my school if you are above a mark of 80, then you automatically get a recommend and don’t have to write a final for that class.  I am above 80’s in all of my classes this year so I then have to write whatever was my lowest mark.  I don’t really have much to complain about.  One exam?  That’s nothing compared to what some of you have to go through!  Only problem for me is that some of my teachers are so unorganized is that we have to cram to get the last three months of work finished in one week (Yes English class, I’m talking about you.).  I would be just fine actually doing work in class, but lately we’ve gotten so slack that it seems like a colossal waste to go to school and learn absolutely nothing.  So here we are to cram it in.  Still, I don’t have it very bad.

Here’s my list of tips to help survive these last few weeks!

Harper’s Tips and Tricks on Surviving the Last Days of School

  1. Write everything down – We all have those last few assignments in every class that we scramble to get finished before time’s up.  Write them down.  Whether it’s on your iPhone, a notepad, or a planner.  Keep a list of everything you have to do.  When you finish, cross it off (P.S. That’s the best feeling ever – crossing stuff off your list)
  2. Now that everything is written down, do it – Don’t wait to the last minute.  Use your will power and get started as soon as possible.  This will be a life saver so that when it comes time to study for exams, you can put all of your attention on that.
  3. Make your studying worthwhile – Do you learn better reading everything?  Or copying your notes down?  Maybe you like finding quizzes on the Internet or having your parents ask you questions.  Whatever way you feel helps you study best, do it.  Because if you can retain information in 20 minutes one way compared to 8 hours another way, that is a whole lot easier!  Also sort out what is the most important to learn and go over that more.
  4. Don’t be afraid to take a break – While you have to study, don’t let it completely consume you.  If you are feeling wiped or like your brain is fried, take a break and do something you like for a bit.  Maybe you want to take your dog out for a walk or paint your nails?  You will feel much more refreshed and energized when you get back to the books.
  5. Have a nice, quiet place to study – Me? I have a great big desk in my room.  I close my door and light my favourite candle (currently Bourbon Vanilla!).  I try to be very relaxed when I’m studying.  I can’t concentrate if there is a speck of noise so I always make sure to study in a quiet place.  Find your place.  If home isn’t an option, go to your local library!
  6. Remember to ask for help – If you are still having trouble remembering the difference between parallel and series circuits, don’t be afraid to ask!  It’s what your teacher get paid to do.  If you need a little more help than in the classroom, organize a time to come in before or after school.  You’ll feel way better than getting frustrated trying to figure it out by yourself.
  7. Keep things in perspective – Will this test really determine the rest of your life?  No.  So don’t get super stressed over it.  Do your best job and study hard, but keep in mind that this isn’t going to make or break you.
  8. Reward yourself – Have you been waiting to go to the beach for months?  When you finish studying, give yourself a reward.  Plan the reward ahead of time so it gives you something to look forward to.

Good luck!

Do you have any tips for surviving the last few days of school?


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