Why I’m so Sad that The Carrie Diaries was Cancelled

For though of you who don’t know, The Carrie Diaries has been cancelled. Possibly one of my favourite tv shows of all time has been destroyed after only two seasons. Here are some of the things I am going to miss about TCD.

1) Carrie – I feel like she is one character on TV I can connect with. Especially in the early first season. She’s just discovering the world and has so many darn thoughts in her head at all time! Plus, her wardrobe is to die for. Plus she is played by one of my biggest role models, Annasophia Robb.

2) The 80-ness – Probably my favourite parts. The clothes, the music, the furniture and cute quirks like their phones! I love the music so much. It just puts me in a TCD mood.

3) Sebastian Kydd – Have you seen his hair? Enough said.

4) Dorrit and Mouse – I love Dorrit. She is so rebellious and hilarious, but such a teddy bear inside. And Mouse is just awesome. She shows girls that being smart can get you guys and doesn’t intimidate the good ones.

5) The cheesy but completely relatable and heartfelt morals at the end of each episode

Did you watch TCD? What are you going to miss?


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