5 Ways to Have a Great Day

My favourite teacher who retired last year was the guest speaker at graduation (not mine!) this year. He was funny and totally inspiring like he always is. He decided to give us some easy steps on how to have the best day ever!

1) Get enough sleep – Studies say that even if you are twenty minutes deprived of a good sleep, you won’t wake up super happy. Go to bed early and feel good when you wake up!

2) Smile – I’ve heard so many times that smiling really makes you happy. Even if you are sad. It sort of tricks your brain! Who doesn’t look more approachable and happy when they’re smiling?

3) Focus on the positives – So many things and thoughts happen in your day and the ones we remember are mostly negatives. Reflect on your day and really think about the positives. They will almost most definitely outweigh the negatives! Focus on them instead of the negatives! You will feel so much happier.

4) Spend a part of your day doing something for someone else – You always feel better at the end of the day when you help somebody else!

5) Just be a nice person – No one feels happy when they are tearing down people all the time. Just be nice and you won’t feel guilty at the end of the day!


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