Book Review: Beacon Street Girls 2: Bad News/Good News by Annie Bryant

The thing I like best about the BSG series is that there is at least one book in the series that you can completely relate to. This happens multiple times for me. I really like this book because I’ve had new girls to move to my school (keep in mind that I have 8 kids in my class so it’s a big deal!) and people haven’t always been nice to them, because we are so used to our own little groups. I was really like this in grade 5. A new girl moved in and she was pretty and smart and very nice and happy. I got very jealous and was not nice to her at all. I would ignore her and say mean things. Grade 5 was probably my worst school year ever.
The funny thing is, the thing that made us friends were the Beacon Street Girls books. We both read them and discussed all of our favourite parts.
Years have gone by and now it is safe to say that I have apologized numerous times, and we are good friends to this day.
I was a like Katani in this book. I was afraid my friends were going to get stolen from me.
The other thing I think a lot of kids can connect to in this book is when Maeve’s parents start fighting. My parents are happily married, but every time that they fight it’s always difficult. Maeve gets caught in the middle a lot, but she tries to see on the positive side and her friends help her a lot. PS, you’ll love her community service project!

Go get this book!



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