Gutsy Walk

We recently found out my 12 year old cousin has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. She is like my little sister and so this has been hard on all of us. We lived 7 minutes away from each other and spend so much time together. She has experienced a lot of pain in her stomach and joints, which ended up forcing her to quit dance and her other sports. It’s been hard watching her go through it, but since being diagnosed a couple of months ago she has gotten new medication which has been great for her.
On June 7 me, my mom, my cousin, her mom, and a few of my cousins friends are going to participate in Canada’s Gutsy Walk. It is a 5 km walk to raise money for Crohn’s and Colitis. Our teams goal is currently at $500 but after one day, we already have $350! I am going to host a bake sale at my school to raise money. We are also making team t-shirts.

Please support the Gutsy Walk by donating!

Have you ever fundraised for a good cause? Do you know somebody with Crohn’s or Colitis?

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