How to Have a Cute (and clean!) Desk at Home

I have a large desk in my room that practically hold my life. Paper, pencils, erasers, hair things, books, notebooks, art supplies, odds and ends…I have have two large drawers for clothing! I’m always thinking up ways to revamp my old desk. Here’s some tips I’ve come up with!

1) Hang cute, inspirational pictures and quotes – I have collages, quote cards, and pictures I’ve drawn all around my space.
2) Have pens and pencils in a cute container with easy access – I’m currently using an old mason jar with a green bow I wrapped around it.
3) Load fun music in iPod to play – So this isn’t really for your desk, but I have my docking station on my desk so it kind of applies. I personally like really light, happy instrumentals (dorky I know!) for a bit of background noise that doesn’t distract me (any song with words I get too distracted to do anything!)
4) Use fun notebooks – There are so many variety and colours that this should be easy and fun
5) Make sure you have all possible tools you need – Pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, pencil sharpeners, garbage bin
6) Display pictures of things that make you happy – I have a big bulletin board in my room that serves this purpose. I love looking at it. I keep ticket stubs, pictures of my friends, etc. You could also put pictures in frames to set on your desk.
7) Have a place for loose papers – I always have a couple of assignments without a home. I keep a folder for all of my misfits.



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