Book Review: Grace, Gold, and Glory My Leap of Faith by Gabrielle Douglas

I just finished Grace, Gold, and Glory My Leap of Faith by Gabrielle Douglas yesterday.  I’d been waiting for this book to come in to the library for three weeks and had been checking every day!  I finished it in three days which is incredibly fast for me.  I loved every bit of it.  I’d always tell myself I would quit after the next chapter…and then the next chapter…and the next…! It was so inspirational hearing her story.  She is such an amazing role model and I learned a lot from this book. One lesson that I really took out of it is that it’s okay to have bad days.  You just have to get back out there and work even harder.

I loved watching Gabby at the Olympics!  She was absolutely incredible.  I would recommend this book to all of my friends.  I think that it’s wonderful for girls to read something inspirational besides all of the adventure books.  It takes you back to real life experiences and adventures!

I also have to say how inspiring Gabby’s family is!  Gabrielle’s mom is an absolute hero in my eyes. :]

Go read this book!



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